SoftPlanet Security Shield Certificate


Our array of anti-virus software programs detects the smallest threats

Anti-virus Brainstorm

The best 46 anti-virus programs protect our users

Real-time Monitoring

Version-based scans an immediate scan upon upload

3 Types of Scan results

Safe, Suspicious and Dangerous (not published)

100% Safe Applications

Safety first - from ad-ware, spy-ware, viruses

Trust & Reliability

A Certificate to differentiate any software from the rest

  • Main Aspects of assessment:

    Software certified by SoftPlanet Security Shield is software that can be trusted. We have designed our security scanning system so that only 101% secure and safe applications can pass it. By doing so we protect our users and visitors of our website from malicious software.

  • Precision

    We have advanced the scan procedure that is applied to each and every Software Installer on our website to a high and strict level - currently 46 anti-virus engines process every file or archive prior to it being available for free download from SoftPlanet. That means that even if 1 out of the 46 anti-virus apps detects a possible threat, we notify our visitors about the possible harmful character that the particular software might have.

  • Constant Monitoring

    Our system is also structured to check and scan every new version of software that exists and has been published on the site of SoftPlanet. By doing so we exclude every possibility for an infected new version to be published, despite it's predecessor was 100% clean.

  • Clean but suspicious programs

    There are some programs for download from SoftPlanet that are marked slightly differently than those which have been assigned the 100% clean Certificate. And those are Clean but Suspicious applications. The reason why we evaluate them as such, is that 1 or a maximum of 2 anti-virus programs that were used to scan them marked them as "dangerous". And even though the rest 40+ anti-virus programs marked them as clean & safe, we warn our visitors that they should be aware of a possible small danger that the specific software might have.

  • 46 Anti-virus programs - an anti-virus brainstorm

    One would say - why use 46 when you can just check a software with just 1 anti-virus program. Well, we have a vast experience in security programming and software and history has shown us that different anti-malware engines detect possible threats by using different methods. As of this, there might be dangerous code that is able to hide itself from some anti-virus software programs, while others are able to catch and identify it. So finally we extended our list to 46 top and popular detection programs and we can proudly claim to be one of the safest download resources on the Internet.

  • Different types of malware.

    Keep in mind that when a software program is denied publishing or was marked as suspicious, it might not be for a reason that it has a "Virus" inside. It might also mean that another type of threat is integrated into it. Some examples of such threats are spyware, key-loggers, sniffers, botnet clients, unwanted ad-servers, data miners, etc.