Windows 8 and Skype tied together

Posted on 22 October 2013

Microsoft has made a decision to integrate Skype as a default messaging client of Windows 8.1. Now it offers VoIP client as a built-in app on Windows 8, Windows 8.1 all other next operating systems. The news has been posted on the official Windows blog.

The latest trends shows that each software company tries to create its own ecosystem full of additional features. IT companies like Microsoft give their best to provide their users with a wide range of applications. Integrating Skype into Windows 8 is just a small step, part of a larger plan. Thus Microsoft tries to deliver proper improvements just when its users needed it. The “marriage” of Skype and Windows 8 allows both products to unleash their full potential, providing users greater experience.

Skype comes with a few improvements for Windows 8.1. Some of them are answering an incoming call even from the lock screen, running other app side-by-side with Skype. You will also be able to scale its interface in order to fit your device size. Now you will receive even better user experience with the optimized Windows 8.1, even if you are using 8-inch tablets.

Although Skype will become a built-in app on most Windows 8 versions, it is available as a separate free application from the Store. So if are not a fan of the modern Skype outfit integrated in Windows 8, you can always have it as an ordinary software on your PC.

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