Why you need Desktop Management software

Posted on 04 February 2014

The desktop is a major component of each operating system. Basically, it is your working space, where the whole magic happens. Each application that is able to handle your desktop can be considered as Desktop Management software.

Desktop Management software classification

Applications within Desktop management software category are very different. Some of them are designed to work with a particular part of your desktop only. However there are apps that can manage your entire screen and even multiply it.

Wallpapers and screensavers are ones of the main elements of each desktop management software. However there is one more complex visual component of each OS. It is called theme.

Other apps enables you to launch multiple programs right from your desktop. Such software we called it “launchers”. In the past few years, there is a new type appeared. It is called “dock”.

There are still lots of applications like desktop gadgets, mouse utilities, clipboard tools, etc.

Appearance of Desktop Management software

Developers started talking about desktop, since when actually GUI appeared for the first time. Later on when this components of each OS became primary, IT companies started developing software dedicated to enhancing your desktop experience, such changing your OS outfit – theme, skins, wallpapers, screensavers, etc.

Over the years and the desktop development, much more complex utilities appeared on the market. Some of them gives you a proper control level over your desktop. In the meantime the number of application dedicated to perform particular tasks kept growing. There were applications appeared that were able to handle one of the most important elements of the desktop, the clipboard. It cannot be seen, but it is irreplaceable part of user experience. Actually it enables the copy/cut-paste action.

Desktop Management software nowadays

Current operating systems delivers an amazing user experience and enables user to do lots of different stuff with their desktop. Manipulating the layout of your OS became a routine procedure form most of us. However there are new types of desktop management application that can improve our working process. They are called gadgets and widgets. What actually do these apps do? Basically, they give you access or display different kinds of information such as CPU performance, notes, clocks, alarms, etc. Thus you can get valuable data instantly whenever you need it. SoftPlanet.com offers a great selection of gadgets and widgets – X Sticky Notes, FBDesktop, Atomic Alarm Clock,

Since people work on computers on a regular basis, there are some more comprehensive applications appeared on the market in order to ease users. Such programs are clipboard management apps, virtual PCs, multiple monitor managers, etc. These applications enables users performing multiple tasks simultaneously. Such applications are VMware Workstation, VirtualBox, Dexpot, T3Desk 2, 1st Choice Clipboard, ArsClip, etc.

In the past few each performance has become everything. Thus IT organizations are looking multiple ways of improving people's working experience. Launchers and docks really can handle this responsible task enabling instant access to various applications right from the desktop. Such software products are Launchy, Nexus, RocketDock, etc.

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