What is Video Software

Posted on 03 February 2014

As Video software can be considered any application, which is capable of managing video content no matter if it just playback, edit, organize videos, etc. Perfect examples of such programs are media players, video encoder/decoders, converters, etc.

Video software classification

There are different aspect of handling video content. Thus Video software can be divided into several sub-types. Some applications has really basic functionalities like just playback video nothing else. Such apps are called video players (a.k.a. multimedia players). However there are some advanced programs that claim to have more comprehensive capabilities such as editing video content. Since there are lots of different video playback devices on the market there are lots of several different video formats as well. This requires a specific type of software. We call them video converters. However there is even more advanced application called video encoders/decoder that allows you convert analog video signals into digital video streams and even send them over IP-based networks (LAN, WLAN or Internet).

Appearance of Video software

Actually it is really hard to tell when exactly Video software appeared for the first time. However we can say for sure that since personal computers born, video devices marked great development. Actually, this segment of technology market keeps growing, especially the video surveillance one. Since there was so many different video hardware out there, IT companies had no choice, but to develop software that can handle all the content from these devices.

Video software nowadays

Video software is now on entire new level compared to the past decade. One of the biggest steps, IT organizations did was to create 3D video content. Till then we have heard only about 2D. Even movie industry started shooting 3D movies. Beside that the quality of videos was improved. So standard CDs became too small for that content.

Manufacturers developed a new kind of disks called DVD (Digital Video disk). Thus it can stored content up to 4.7 GB. This required a new type of Video software and hardware as well that can handle the extra amount of content. So DVD-R/RW devices as well as DVD players appeared. After a few years Blu-Ray disks was developed as well. So IT companies really started thinking about developing a universal video player. The team of SoftPlanet.com actually collects some of the best such software out there – VLC Media Player, KMPlayer, BS Player, CyberLink PowerDVD 13 Ultra, PotPlayer, etc.
Video software progress required even more powerful applications, which can actually edit video content. SoftPlanet.com is proud of having one of the richest and finest video editing software collections. Please let us recommend you a few solution like CyberLink PowerDirector 12 Ultra, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, VideoPad Video Editor, etc.

As we have mentioned above, there are two types of Video software that is able to convert multiple video file formats – video converter and video encoder/decoder. We would like to recommend you several top notch software solutions – Free CUDA Video Converter, WinAVI Video Converter, MediaCoder, AnyMP4 FLAC Converter and so on.

You can find more such useful applications within our Video software category. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need professional opinion or recommendation.

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