What is Photo & Design software

Posted on 25 February 2014

Basically, each application or a collection of programs, which enable you to manipulate visual images right on your PC can be considered as Photo & Design software. SoftPlanet is proud of having the ultimate selection of such software. Within this category you will find the most appropriate solution for you for sure, no matter what your graphic skills are or what aspect of graphics you want to manipulate.

Photo & Design software classification

Please be aware that there are two types of image static graphics and animation. Let's start with the first type. Static image software applications take a major part of Photo & Design software category. Some programs are intended only for viewing, capturing or converting images. However there are much complex applications, designed to provide users with the ultimate image editing experience. Besides that SoftPlanet has a proper selection of programs related to animation, 3D Modeling & CAD, Fonts, Flash, Web Design, etc.

Appearance of Photo & Design software

SuperPaint is one of the first-appeared apps intended for managing image content. It was developed back in 1973. Two decades later Fauve Matisse has introduced layers in customer image software. In 1990s one of the leading photo editing applications nowadays was born - Adobe Photoshop. Later on there was 3D modeling programs developed as well.

Photo & Design software nowadays

Nowadays the world of Photo & Design software is almost infinite. However SoftPlanet.com can boast of covering almost all its aspects possible. Thus our team of professionals guarantee that you will find the most appropriate product for you within this category.

First, let us begin with some basic image applications, developed to view graphics content only. SoftPlanet's team can offer you multiple top notch such solutions, like IrfanView, ACDSee, FastStone Image Viewer, etc. Please be aware that most of these application have some more advanced features, but there are quite limited actually. If you need more complex utility in order to edit graphics content, you should definitely visit our Image Editors sub-category, where you can choose among some of the best software products on the market, no matter if you are a pro or a novice. We would like to offer you a few great software solution. The most popular image editing software Adobe Photoshop still remains on top. However there is another great solutions as well like GIMP, Corel PainShop Pro, Paint.NET, etc. Some of these applications are free of charge, which makes them a perfect choice for home users, who just want to edit i.e. their selfie photos. However when it comes to vector graphics editing, there is another leader – CorelDRAW.

In addition, SoftPlanet manage to cover other aspects of Photo & Design software as well like Photo Sharing & Publishing, Illustration, Icon Tools, Presentation, etc. Even web designers can find the right solutions for them here i.e. color pickers such as BrazuColor, Color Mania and so on. Finally, our Photo & Design software category is like wonderland of photo enthusiasts, so please do not hesitate to visit it right away.

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