What is MP3 & Audio software

Posted on 24 February 2014

MP3 & Audio software is each application dedicated in playing, editing, streaming and converting audio content. Programs from this category became almost mandatory for each single user. When it comes to MP3, this is the most widespread audio file format in the world.

MP3 & Audio software classification

The range of MP3 & Audio software is very wide actually. First, there are the most basic applications called audio players. Their only goal is to playback audio content. However some software apps are able to perform much complicated actions with audio files, such as editing, converting, mixing, recording, streaming, burning, etc. Since MP3 is the most popular audio format, there are some programs intended to work specially with such files.

Appearance of MP3 & Audio software

Just like most software, MP3 & Audio software is preceded by audio hardware development. The device that enable you to work with audio is called sound card. It is developed back in 1988. However it takes year before the first audio application appeared – the audio player. It was only able to playback sounds. After that the first audio editing applications was developed. They enables users to perform much complex actions related to sound.

MP3 & Audio software nowadays

Nowadays Mp3 & Audio software is one of the most developing software categories. Applications have become more complex than ever. Even some basic players come with a few advanced features like recording, burning audio, etc. Our team of professionals collects the best solutions for audio playback, like Winamp, AIMP, etc. Most of them comes with some great features like media library, playlist, tag editor, visualization and so on. Thus you actually get complete solution for music playback.

However when it comes to audio editing applications, SoftPlanet.com is probably the best place in the web to find one. Our collection contains just top performance programs, which are able to delivery the best user experience possible. Such applications are FL Studio, Adobe Audition CC, SONAR X3 Producer, etc. Some of these programs enable you to even edit/create audio files in a professional manner. Thus you can be sure that the final result will be a true masterpiece.

However we are able to offer you lots of audio apps, designed to perform particular action only such as cutting, joining, ripping and burning music files. Since MP3 file format is the most widespread one, our team reserves it a special place in SoftPlanet.com. Within MP3 Tools sub-category you can find some useful utilities.

Nowadays there are lots of different audio file format, which can cause some compatibility issues. Thus IT companies have developed special applications called audio converters. SoftPlanet can boast of having one of the best collections out there. Some of the applications within our Audio Convertors sub-category are able to work with multiple file formats. Thus you can have a single app for cross-format audio conversion. Such handy programs are Axara Audio Converter, MooO Audio Converter, Switch Sound File Converter and many more.

SoftPlanet has a great selection of DJ software applications as well. We gather the best solutions for real-time track-mixing utilities. Such solutions are Virtual DJ Home FREE, SAM Party DJ, Zulu DJ, etc.

In addition, we all know that music is for fun, especially when it comes to karaoke. Within our Karaoke software sub-section you will find some of the finest application, which will bring you lots of funny moments, like Karaokemedia Home, JustKaraoke, etc.

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