What is Internet software

Posted on 18 February 2014

Internet software is a very extensive term. Basically, each application, which establish an Internet connection can be considered as Internet software. As you can suggest the variety of such software is very wide.

Internet software classification

Since the Internet offers almost unlimited opportunities and has just as applications. Nowadays we use the World Wide Web for almost every single thing such as communication (e.g. via e-mail, instant messengers), sharing (i.e. peer-to-peer), browsing, entertainment (e.g. listening to online radio stations, watching streaming video), etc. Internet software category includes all common application needed for each user connected to the Internet.

Appearance of Internet software

The Internet was “born” back in the 1991. Just like any IT invention related to computers, it requires developing software, not only for making the Internet accessible for ordinary users, but also for unleashing its unlimited potential. First Internet software applications have included many more features than the current one. For instance, the Internet suites back in the 1990s have contained lots of different sub-apps like an e-mail program, a web browser, a news-reader, etc. However as you may have already suggested their functionalities have been very limited. They have been able to perform only basic tasks.

Internet software nowadays

Nowadays there are no such thing as an Internet suite like in the 1990s. Now we all use different applications for browsing the web, sending emails to friends, etc. In order to make things clear, let’s start with something very simple, but important – bookmarks. Nowadays everyone knows what actually bookmarks are. Basically, they enable users to come back to an important web page almost instantly. Each web browser comes with an ability to manage them, but it offers only basic actions. Fortunately, IT companies develops different apps that can work inside the browser or to act like a standalone program. Such software application are called Bookmark Managers. ViewMarks is one of our favorites, which works as an add-on within the popular web browser, Mozilla Firefox.

However we use the Internet for many more things besides browsing. Actually, it is very popular to download different stuff like music, documents, movies, etc. Software programs that enable us to do it are called Download Managers. There are application dedicated to downloading particular files only i.e.  MP3 songs. However there are some multifunctional ones that allow us to have almost any kind of information stored on our PCs. Such applications are GetRight, JDownloader, etc.

Communication is one of the main applications of the Internet. We use different software product to connect each other using Internet connection. Such programs are e-mail clients, instant messengers, social networking apps, etc. Let’s begin with e-mail communication. It is still the most widespread and effective business communication method. There are lots of e-mail providers out there, but in order to reach our account you need to run your web browser and go through the entire entering operation just to check your mail. It is just too much work. Thus IT companies have developed a specific type of program called e-mail clients. They enables users to enter their account details once and basically check their email just by opening these particular applications. Such programs are Mozilla Thunderbird, Opera Mail, etc. These applications can really speed up the cross-business communication. However there is a much faster way to connect each other, by using instant messengers. These programs are intended for sending quick short messages. Sometimes people are busy, they just want to communicate in the quickest way possible. SoftPlanet offers you some of the top notch instant messengers on the market like ICQ, digsby, Google Hangouts, etc.

There are many more Internet software applications out there that really do a great job such as file sharing apps, password managers, blog and RSS programs and many other Internet utilities. Please visit our Internet software section in order to see more.

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