What is Home and Education software

Posted on 30 January 2014

Each application, whose primary purpose is teaching or self-learning, can be considered as Home & Education software. However there is a small group of programs, which are related with people’s hobbies. Such applications can be considered as Home & Education software, too.

Home & Education software classification

Applications from this category can be divided into several major sub-categories. Since education itself has a few different aspects it is necessary to apply them into the Home & Education software classification as well. The first software that we are about to mention is called Courseware. As most of you probably have already suggested “courseware” is a combination of the two words – “course” and “software”. Such applications are intended as kits for teacher or as tutorials for students. As Home & Education software types can be also considered applications like classroom aids, assessment software, reference software, software for specific educational purposes, etc.

Appearance of Home & Education software

In the 1940s, American researchers developed the very first such software. Actually it was a flight simulator, which used analog computers in order to generate simulated on-board instrument data. However the real progress starts with the birth of the personal computer (PC) in the 1980s. When the CD-ROMs also appears, there was nothing that could stop Home & Education software progress and evolution.

Home & Education software nowadays

Since we live in the era of IT technologies, it is completely normal software to take part in almost each aspect of your lives. Thus the team of SoftPlanet.com does it best to browse the web permanently in order to provide you with top notch Home & Education software application.

Let’s start with books. They are a mandatory part of the education. However some people just adore to read books in their spare time as well. In the virtual world we call these readings eBooks/E-Books. There are lots of handy software application, whose main goal is to deliver you a proper reading experience similar to reading a real book. Such application are eFlip Professional, Reader for PC, etc. However if you are a comics fan, you definitely should try this one, CBR Reader. There are lots of software programs that are intended to accompany teachers. We would like to offer you a few apps that really will make your lives a lot easier - Viper The Anti-plagiarism Scanner, Test Generator, etc.

As we know time is very important and valuable resource. However when it comes to personal time, it is the most important thing for each of us. That’s why, we have gathered some top notch Calendars & Planners, which will help you organize your days and free some time for your hobbies. Such apps are Smart Desktop Calendar, WinCalendar, Rainlendar Lite and so on.

Math takes irreplaceable part of our education. Because of its difficult equations and calculations most students actually do hate it a lot. Thus the team of SoftPlanet.com assumes the responsible task to change that. We manages to collect some of the best calculators on the market, which will ease students dramatically. Here they are – Xtreme Calculations, Kalq and so on.

For more interesting and useful similar software applications, please visit our Home & Education software section.

We are completely opened for your suggestion about software that you like or use daily.

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