What is Communications Software

Posted on 31 January 2014

Communications software is a program or application, developed in order to pass information from one system to another. Beside providing remote access to systems, such pieces of software engineering enables users to transfer various file formats between computers. FTP (File Transfer Protocol) clients, instant messengers and email clients are just such Communication apps.

Communications software classification

Just like any other software category, Communications software can be divided into many different sub-categories. However such applications can be primarily classified by the type of information transmission. Basically, Communications software category includes terminal emulators, file transfer applications, chat clients, instant messengers, VoIP programs, etc.

Some of these applications can be accompanied by hardware components like microphones, speaker-phones and webcams in order to deliver better user experience.

Appearance of Communications software

The first such software, intended in the 1960s, is the email program. People back then were looking for a way of communications for various users of time-sharing mainframe machines. The next such software was the text chat program. The latest software products within this category are the instant messaging and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) clients. The first such apps with buddy lists were introduced in 1996. Actually, it is about famous ICQ.

Communications software nowadays

Since we live in days that technologies progress, there are lots of communication programs that appears in the web every single day.

When it comes to email services, there are probably thousands of solution out there. Some of them are online-based such as Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook.com, Zoho Mail, etc. However there are plenty of offline email clients that enable you to check your email account without accessing your web browser. Actually, this is a much more convenient and user-friendly way to do it. Email communication becomes a leading business communication channel no matter if it is B2B (business to business) or B2C ( business to customers). Sometimes these two types of communication required a special kind of email clients, apps that are capable of sending hundreds or even thousands of emails simultaneously. We call such programs mass email clients. The team of SoftPlanet.com offers a collection of the best solutions available on the market. Such software products are SmartSerialMail, Mass eMailer, EMS Bulk Email Sender, etc. Business already uses some of these software applications for executing their current and future marketing campaigns.

However it comes to discussing important stuff that need to be figured out quickly, chat clients and instant messengers really have a big advantage. They enables users to communicate to each other in real-time. Thus solving issues and consultation are already possible even from a distance. Despite that these two software types can be sued interchangeably. There is a small difference between them. Basically, Chat often occurs a virtual room, where many people can discuss things in real-time simultaneously. However instant messengers have a buddy list/ friend list feature. Thus you actually participate in one-on-one communication. Famous apps within these two sub-categories are Adium, Empathy, Miranda IM, Pidgin, Qnext and Trillian.

In the past decade, there is one software sub-category that really “conquered” communication world – Internet Phones &VoIP. They completely change the way people communicate to each other. Now beside simple text messages or emails, users can see each other in real-time. Nowadays there are thousands of VoIP clients on the Internet. SoftPlanet.com can boast of having the best selection of top notch VoIP software. Ones of the most popular solutions are Skype, Viber, Tango, Ekiga, Mumble, SmartVoIP and so on.

Please let us know if you have any inquiries regarding Communications software. We will be glad to assist you.

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