What is Business Software

Posted on 29 January 2014

Business software

Business software is each application, specially developed in order to serve businesses. Such software products can be designed for managing small companies or a particular enterprise department. The main goal of Business software applications is to improve productivity, optimizing procedures, etc. Investing in such an asset could save you lots of valuable time and money. Basically, Business software is a great way to increase organization profit as well.

Business software classification

Since business can be considered in many different aspect, Business software can be classified in lots of sub-categories. Basically, some program are intended to improve a particular processes inside organizations. However there are numerous applications, which main purpose is to help CEO and manager for handling entire companies, departments, projects, etc.

Probably the most widespread Business software applications are related to Accounting & Billing, Administration, Database Management, Project Management, Sales & Marketing and so on. However there are utilities, which are developed as Offices Suites, Presentation Tools, Calendars & Planners, etc.

Appearance of Business software

It is a fact that the main goal and essential motivation of each single organization is to increase its profit. All the same concepts stay behind every single application inside this software category.

Such application appears in accounting departments first, specifically in factory accounting ones. Even at the beginning, management and staff noticed the benefits of having such software in hand. Accounting applications became a standard for no time, because of the automation of general ledgers, fixed assets inventory ledgers, cost accounting ledgers, accounts receivable ledgers, etc. So it turned out that such software can replace almost 100 operative accountants. Thus companies found a way to save a proper amount of financial resources, which can be invested i.e. in production or any other important activity.

In the 1980s probably millions of organizations shifted to software called Microsoft Word. It totally replace all the hand writing and manually created documents. Microsoft released another application for business named Excel, a mathematical spreadsheet program. Both apps facilitate and optimize personnel working process dramatically, which reflected the company profits positively.

Business software nowadays

Nowadays this kind of software becomes just mandatory for all types companies, regardless of their scale and branch. It implements in all levels of organizational structure starting from personnel to highest management and CEOs.

SoftPlanet.com can offer you a great selection of the most valuable Business software applications available on the market no matter if they are freeware or shareware. Please let us recommend you several programs from different sub-categories, which will definitely improve your business productivity and respectively will increase your profit.

Accounting is probably one of the most important departments within any organization. Having a proper fully-featured and at the same time simple-to-use accounting software is a great advantage, which can give you a step ahead of you competitors. Such applications are Sklad (dedicated to warehouse management), all BS1 products (BS1 Accounting, BS1 General Ledger, BS1 Enterprise with Manufacturing), Express Invoice, etc.

When it comes to paper work, we all think of MS Office. Unfortunately, this software is shareware and not all companies on the market can afford it. However there are several proper substitutions, which can totally replace it that won't cost you a penny. The first one that we would like to mentioned is called OpenOffice, which is completely free of charge, but yet very powerful office suite. Another great solution is LibreOffice, which will do a perfect job as well.

Please feel free to contact us if you need assistance when it comes to choose the perfect software for you business.

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