What can Science & education software do

Posted on 25 February 2014

If you have interests in science or just want to upgrade yourself by getting some additional knowledge, Science & education software category is the right place to do it. Each application related to any kind of science like astronomy, geography, mathematics, etc. or each program that enable you to enhance your knowledge can be considered as Science & education software.

Science & education software classification

Differentiating this category by science subjects is probably the best way to divide it into a few sub-categories. Alphabetically, Astronomy software should be the first sub-section. Nowadays technologies and software development enable us to explore the sky and even our Solar system. Stellarium, Solar Model, Hallo northern sky, etc. are great applications, which can offer such user experience.

The next science sub-category is Engineering. It includes applications for all kinds of engineering no matter if they are about drawing, debugging hardware, electromagnetic simulation software, etc. Some of the greatest apps inside this section are LXQ-CAD, LibreCAD, USBDM and so on.

You like traveling a lot, but you don't have enough time and resources to do it? SoftPlanet found the best solution for visiting remote places within seconds. Thanks to apps within Geography sub-section, you can virtually go wherever you want within a few clicks only. Such programs are Google Earth and Earth 3D. It turns out that using these apps is a great way to escape for our busy lifestyle for a while.

Let's move on to each kid nightmare – mathematics. Actually, it can be much easier when you have the right utilities. Some of them can work with just basic calculations, but others are capable of calculating some advanced ones like correlation, regression, etc. Such apps are IBM SPSS Statistics, SimplexNumerica, etc.

Most types of science like mathematics, geography, genetics, biochemistry, etc. require some kind of calculations. So having an appropriate calculator can save you lots of hassles in your work. However there are cross-value conversion apps as well. Such applications are 32bit Convert It, Ultimate Advantage Calculator, MoleCalc, GeoCalcul Plus, etc.

Let's stop with the hard stuff and go on with something more funny – music. Have you ever wanted to learn the notes or play a guitar or drums? It is never too late to upgrade your music knowledge and skills. Here there are some of the finest Music learning applications – Guitar and Drum Trainer, Melody Assistant, Nootka, etc.

Finally, it is time to mention one thing, which accompany you PC experience for sure – typing. We use keyboard for creating text documents, developing software products, etc. So having an proper typing skill level is very important nowadays. Thus we offer you a great selection of applications developed in order to improve your typing, which can actually positively affect your productivity. Such programs are Kiran's Typing Tutor, Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Deluxe, Typing Trainer, etc.   

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