What are the Software & System Utilities

Posted on 26 February 2014

Each application, especially developed in order to help end-users to manage and tune their computer hardware/software, operating systems or other programs can be found in our Software & System Utilities category. It is probably one of the richest section of all. Basically, applications from this category are the first ones developed. They exist almost since the time of releasing the first personal computer back on August 12, 1981. Thus we are about to skip the appearance of system utilities.

Software & System Utilities classification

Let's go straight to Software & System Utilities types. Basically, these applications can be classified according to their target object – hardware, software, OS, etc.

Hard disks (hard drives) are one of the main hardware components of each computer. They store all user data such as pictures, documents, movies, etc. However people often use their hard drives in order to save some sensitive private data as well. Basically, we use store everything there. Over time our storage device can be a mess. SoftPlanet has a great selection of hard disk tools that will help you optimize your hard drive, which actually will affect your overall PC performance for sure. Such applications are KCleaner, Partition Magic, Smart Defrag, etc.

Windows Registry is another important factor, which reflects on your operating speed. Thus having the right utility for handling it can be crucial for your PC performance. Most applications within our Registry software sub-category give you more advanced capabilities to handle registry entries compared your default Windows OS utility. Some of these programs are CCleaner, Registry Booster 2014, Registry Reviver, Wise Registry Cleaner, Puran Registry Cleaner, etc.

Besides these two types of specialized software products, SoftPlanet can offer you some more complex apps, dedicated to optimizing and maintaining your entire operating system. Such programs are Baidu PC Faster, AgataSoft PC Cleaner, Uniblue PowerSuite Lite 2013, etc.

Are you sick and tired of the default Windows Explorer? Do you want to try something new? SoftPlanet.com can boast of having the ultimate collection of top notch file managers, which can enhance your user experience for sure. Some of the applications that you should definitely try at least one are Directory Opus, xplorer2, SpeedCommander, etc.

However there are lots of other programs, which are designed to handle your files. Such applications are compression utilities (a.k.a. archivers), which main purpose is to shrink the size of your data by putting several files together in a single archive and ordering them in the best way possible. Such great utilities are WinRAR, WinZip, 7-Zip, etc.

However if you want to tune your OS a little bit more than just replace your default file manager, you can find the right tools to do that within our OS Enhancements and Tweaking categories. Please let us recommend you a few great software solutions, like System Logo Changer, Windows 7 Manager, Start Menu Modifier, Start8, nLite, etc.

Finally, it is time to mention one of the main action we all perform on a regular basis – copy/paste. Probably some of you are aware that the thing, which enables us to multiply files or just move them is called clipboard. What it actually does is to store the information that we are about to copy or move until we actually need it. Unfortunately, default clipboard included in each Windows OS has very basic functionalities. Thus we would like to offer you some advanced Clipboard Tools, which provide you with better control over your copy/paste activities. SoftPlanet recommends that you pick out one of the following apps – Multi Clipboard, Clipjump, etc.

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