Users of G plus change their profile picture to Eric Shmidts one

Posted on 24 October 2013

After Google announced that they will use users profiles and faces for online ads a lot of G+ users decided to change their profile pictures into one that portrays Eric Schmidt, the executive manager of the company, accompanied with a comment that usually protested the change of policy. So the effect now is that there are some sponsored ads that include, endorsement of a local restaurant by the face of Schmidt, but with the name of someone else. The effect is increased if the user starts a commenting spree after he changed his profile portrait and some of them did just that. Now Google+ is full of ads that portray Eric Schmidt, saying that Google Ads can use this picture or that Eric could endorse whatever he wants, but Google can't use his/her image.

The option that Google can use your profile and picture can easily be removed from your settings, but the move increased dissatisfaction with the privacy policy of the Internet giant. It already used the names of its users for advertisement purposes, but now it will show and their portraits, using them for advertisements of companies, products or places that are followed by the user or he/she wrote a review about the place.

This move was preceded by the same one by Facebook, but regrettably there was no such response, probably because user are used to privacy infringement by Facebook.  

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