Travel software - what kind of software is that?

Posted on 26 February 2014

You like traveling a lot? Who does? Everybody wants to visit new countries and landmarks. Let's not forget that each journey is a kind of an adventures as well, so having the right instrument is very important. Actually, each such utility, which can help you on your travel can be considered as Travel software.

Travel software classification

Before each travel people need to prepare some stuff that will help them during it. SoftPlanet have classified such software in four main sub-categories – GPS, Itineraries & Schedules, Languages & Translators and Maps. These application will accompany your during the whole journey. Some of you may want to create some kind of a trip schedule before actually going. Thus it is a bit easier to calculate travel expenses and time. Actually we would like to recommend that you choose Garmin BaseCamp. It is a great software product developed by the navigation IT giant – Garmin.

However you will need another software when you are actually on the go. GPS and Maps application can do a great job in such cases. Software products like iDiary4D Essential and CyberTracker be really handy.

Once we have reach our destination, you will probably need a translator or something else to help you understand local people. Applications like Easy Translator and Ace Translator can do really good work. You can use them in order to learn a few useful phrases or even use them on the go in emergency cases.

Well, all aforementioned apps where from a user perspective view. However especially when it comes to maps there is another a developer point of view as well. Since we are aware of this, we gather apps that enable experts to create or just edit maps. Such applications can be useful utilities especially in navigation software developments. OpenOrienteering Mapper is just such app, which can really help developers in their main workflow.

So it doesn't matter if you are a travel fan or a navigation software developer, Travel software category is the right place for you, where you can find the most appropriate utilities for you to complete your travel toolkit.  

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