Streaming media software - the definition

Posted on 26 February 2014

What is streaming media?

First of all, it is very important to clear the term of “streaming media”. This is multimedia, which constantly received by and presented to end-users while being delivered by a prover. Over time and web development progress, streaming media became very popular especially in the past few years.

What is streaming media software?

Basically, each application capable of delivering media in this manner can be considered as a Streaming media software. Some solutions from our category even enable you to broadcast video and audio instead of only receiving them.

Streaming media software classification

Streaming media software can be mainly divided into there sub-categories – Music, Video and RSS. As you can see the streaming content type is the main sign here. There are applications, developed to deliver a particular type of content only. However can offer you lots of solutions, which support both audio and video. Some of the finest application within Music and Video categories are SopCast, Open Broadcaster Software, Mezzmo, etc.

Do you want to be always posted on recent news without visiting dozens of web sites? Nowadays this is absolutely possible thanks to something called RSS feeds. They enable you to get latest news and put them on your own website or just collect them with specialized software called RSS reader. SoftPlanet offers one of the best such apps. FeedDemon is one of the top notch solution that you can choose among.  

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