New Smart and Personal Search Results for Google Maps

Posted on 28 October 2013

As you may already known, Google released a preview of the new Google Maps, which comes with brand new and innovative features, like planing a journey with flights and public transport or viewing upcoming events.

Since October 2004, when Google Maps was released for the first time, till now it shows a great progress and turns into a inseparable part of people's lives. Google Maps is growing rapidly and keeps providing you with even more and more handy features. Thanks to its mobile version you can get all this information no matter where you are.

The new preview version of Google Maps has a long list with new implemented functionalities. However, I am about to write about a specific feature – the new smarter and personal search. The new thing about the search is the innovative method that it uses, based on your location, previous activity and your preferences.

Let's say it is Friday night, you are about to have dinner with friends and you need a good restaurant. You just need to type “restaurant” and your map will reveal to you a large number of places. The search results will be based on your current or the last location you have been looking for. By clicking on a particular restaurant, a box shows you detailed information about it (i.e. images, working hours, menu, rating, etc.) and Google rearrange the surrounding area in order to show you related places based on your previous searches, location and preferences.

Okay, let's say you have found the restaurant. The next thing you will think about is how to get there. Google Maps displays the transit stops nearby, which you can set as a destination. It already has had such a functionality. However new Google Maps comes with improved Directions feature, which provides you with detailed information about the itinerary from your home or any other location even quicker and easier than before. The route depends on the transportation type. You can choose between car, public transport, walking, bicycle and airplane modes. Let's say you don't have a car and your are too exhausted to walk 20 blocks. Google Maps shows you the available public transport, which will take you there. It shows you not only the time you will spend on the bus, but the time you will spend walking from the bus stop to the restaurant. How cool is that?



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