Google unveils free web designer for PC and Mac users

Posted on 21 October 2013

Google has been flooding the Internet with more and more new products and services and this is (almost) never a bad thing. After all it's always nice to have Google Maps, Google Translate, Google Drive and other services at hand, not to mention the company's ubiquitous search engine, right?

Google Web Designer is the latest product to come out of the tech company and as the name suggests this is a tool that allows users to create HTML 5 designs, including animations with minimum effort due to the fact that the application is very simple. In fact it is so simple that even novice users will be able to create some web content that can be either good or bad depending on their skills and more importantly on their imagination.

So far so good but Google Web Designer is not the best tool there is. First it has to be installed on your computer in order to work (the good news is that it supports both Windows and Mac OS) and then it does not offer a ton of options; instead it has some design options and templates that can be best used for Google ads suggesting that the main area of use for this software is creation of HTML 5-based ads for Google. In addition the user interface is not the most intuitive we've seen and support is likely to be questionable – something that, unfortunately, we can say about help too.

In any case, no matter how good or bad this application is, it may pave the way for some users towards better understanding of web technologies and it may even start a few new careers here and there. Maybe the best feature is that it is completely free so really, when you think about it, what do you have to lose by using it?

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