Posted on 28 March 2014

Desktop Gadgets Now Available For Windows 8

Windows 8 was released back on October 26, 2012. Then it came with some new handy features. However it also doesn't have some popular Windows 7. For instance, there is no Start Menu button as well as the Aero interface and the desktop gadgets. You can bring back most of them, besides the gadgets. However this is not true any more, because now we are about to present you a brand new software product version, which enables to have them back. This application is called 8GadgetPack. It adds some most well-known gadgets and some more as well. Actually, this software
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Posted on 27 March 2014

Electric Vehicles lose their driving range in hot or cold weather

All electric vehicles (EVs) are driven by electricity. They have Lithium ion batteries which are environmentally friendly, high energy density and longer life span. EV owners can relatively quickly recharge their car batteries, however, the time for that continue to decrease over the years. Indeed, he question is how far you can go with a single charge? The latest report from the AAA Automotive Research Center in South Carolina stated that very cold and extremely hot weather has a significant impact on the driving range of electric vehicles. All available models on the
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Posted on 14 December 2013

The first six things you must do with your new Android tablet

You have ordered an Android-based tablet for Christmas and you know that Santa will bring it to you (maybe because you know who Santa is or you were simply extremely obedient)? Well, there's about a week left until it gets in your hands. Until then here are the first six things that, according to CNET, you must do right after you open it. Optimize battery life. Dim the display to a level that will allow you to simultaneously work and read while saving the battery. Brightness at 50 per cent will be completely enough, especially during winter months, when it is unlikely
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Posted on 11 November 2013

Airplane passengers may now use their portable devices during takeoff and landing

Those of you who have traveled at least once by an airplane know very well that the use of cell phones, laptops and tablets is prohibited, especially during takeoff or landing because these are the regulations. Well, not anymore because starting on November 1st, 2013 all airplane companies received an approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that all passengers may use their mobile devices from gate to gate. JetBlue and Delta were the first that immediately allowed that to their customers in order to be ahead of the competition. A video was released which
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