Posted on 12 January 2015

Top 5: CES 2015 Gaming Hardware

Happy New Year, SoftPlanetarians! SoftPlanet wishes you good health and prosperity! It was a pretty insane week, wasn't it? CES 2015 drew people's attention from all countries around the world. We all saw tons of amazing technology innovation and gadgets. Today we would like to present to you our top 5 list of CES 2015 gaming hardware and accessories, which should take part of your next gaming setup project. Top 5: CES 2015 Gaming Hardware Alienware Area 51 Image: Dell Each gaming setup begins with the PC. CES 2015 is the place, where top gaming hardware
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Posted on 10 December 2014

Top 5: Christmas Games for PC

Holidays are right around the corner, so probably you've already smelled the Christmas spirit in the air. Thus we have selected Top 5: Christmas games for PC.         The Sims 2 Christmas Party Pack The Sims 2 is not the latest version of the popular game series, but it is probably the most popular one. Even now there are thousands of games, which try to design their perfect virtual world. Our suggestion is an addition to the original Sims 2 game, called Christmas Party Pack, which will bring Christmas spirit to your custom made virtual
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Posted on 28 November 2014

Top 5: Addictive Mobile Games

Playing games on our iOS and Android smartphones became the most widespread way to kill time. Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store offer probably millions of game apps for your smart device. However, please keep in mind that playing can be very addictive. Here are our top 5 addictive mobile games, which you should definitely watch out, but definitely try.     5. 2048 2048 is a kind of a puzzle game with numbers. Your main objective is to sum equal numbered tiles, multiples of “2” and get a score of 2048. At first sight, you will
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Posted on 20 November 2014

Top 5: Counter Strike aka CS Mods

Are you sick and tired from the best First Person Shooter game of all times, Counter Strike 1.6 aka CS 1.6, but you still don't want to quit playing it? OK, then you should definitely check out our Top 5 list of popular and addictive Counter Strike mods.  5. Counter Strike 1.6 Hide'n'Seek (HNS) – Everybody has played the popular game “Hide and Seek” when we were young. The popularity of this game moved into the famous FPS best seller as well. This CS mod is called Hide'n'Seek aka HNS. The rules are simple. Counter Terrorists
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Posted on 19 November 2014

Top 5: Horror Games

It has been almost twenty days after we celebrated Halloween and that's why we would like to show you our top 5 list of Horror games, which can really “scare you to death”. Since people are scared of different things like darkness, monsters, blood, ghosts, etc. our rankings won't be numbered. We let you order them the way you see fit. Feel free to share your ordering in the comments or add to the list. So, here are the games, which terrify our team. Kraven Manor – Kraven Manor is one of scariest games we have ever played. It is not what you see
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Posted on 18 November 2014

Top 5: Mobile Games for Android and iOS

Find out which are the top 5 mobile games for Android and iOS. Mobile devices, in particular smartphones, became an inseparable part of our lives. The time, when we only used our phones for calling people, is long gone. Nowadays, we use smart devices for everything – from business purposes to having fun. Thus we have collected top 5 mobile games for Android and iOS devices, which you should definitely play at least once in your life. This is our list of top 5 games for mobile devices (Android and iOS). 5. Sonic Dash – You remember it, don't you? Sonic
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Posted on 27 March 2014

Vivofit from Garmin - innovative device that shows the pace of your life

These days a lot of people are living their lives without knowing how fast they move. In general, human beings move, because of different reasons. Many research organizations show that prolonged periods of inactivity, for instance sitting at your desk, lowers the function of your body to produce fat-burning enzymes. There are many ways to fight against that, but the best one is to stand up and take frequent short walks throughout the day. There are several ways to track your walking distance, but Garmin has recently offered a new one, called Vivofit. This is a wristband
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Posted on 30 January 2014

007's app turns phone camera into biometric scanner

Have you ever used iPhone 5S? Somebody? Those of you, who have, probably have noticed the cool fingerprint sensor. However there are some rumors appeared on the Internet recently, which say that Samsung Galaxy S5 is about to have similar sensor as well. But you don’t have to throw you smartphone away because of a single gadget or wait for releasing that phone, because there is an alternative now. Actually, there is an app that does the same job. The mobile application that we are talking about is called ICE Unlock Fingerprint Secure . Basically, it deploys
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Posted on 25 November 2013

Traverse Middle Earth with new experiment by Google

Do you want to walk around Middle Earth from the books of J. R. R. Tolkien, strolling in Dol Guldur, avoiding trolls in Trollshaws or embracing the beauties of Rivendell? Now there is an awesome way to do all of this, which is in the form of an experiment by Google. This experiment attempts to show all the new possibilities that are given by the new web technologies that come with HTML 5. The results are impressive and they include a map of the Middle Earth in the style of Google Earth. Not only it gives you a nice great feel about the geography of the fantasy world, but
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Posted on 14 November 2013

Chrome on top, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer follow behind

Google Chrome is on top of the ranking list of “Web Browser Usage” and its market share is larger than Firefox's, Opera's and Internet Explorer's combined. The statistic was released by Shareaholic on its blog. Web browser competition is fierce. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera are the most famous rivals on this particular battlefield. Their overall market share is more than 80%. However a question arises – Who exactly tops the chart? You will probably suggest Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer and
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