About Us

buildAddress: 28 Mois Levi Str., Fl. 2, App. 4, 9000 Varna, Bulgaria

SoftPlanet is a website founded in 2012 with the sole purpose of being the most accurate review and criticism portal for software, hardware and other new technologies that are released to the market each and every day around the whole world. Our mission is not to be yet another software portal, but rather to differentiate ourselves from cloned websites that offer nothing but facts.

With SoftPlanet we aim to give users all the factual information and specifications about any certain piece of hardware, particular software product or application, plus adding one significant addition - the objective and precise evaluation from a user's perspective without any prejudice and artificial opinions.

We strive to maintain the best team of software editors and reviewers that is able to fully cover the aspects of quality assurance for any new software product that is developed. In our staff we have professionals from many different IT fields, so that for each of our departments on the website and each of the categories and how-to sections we have assigned fully trained and experienced experts that will not only review the software for you, but will also help you with any troubleshooting and/or questions you might have about an application or other IT products.

We have started with a small team, but our organization rapidly grows, extending SoftPlanet to the target level of being the leading software portal with the most free giveaway downloads available and the most accurate reviews on the Internet. We appreciate the feedback that we get from our most important visitors, namely you - our readers.