How to test your RAM memory

Posted on 16 April 2014Category: Software & System Utilities

Difficulty: Easy

A computer consists of many important components such as motherboard, hard disk drive, processor, video card, memory, various peripheral devices and more. Most of these components are crucial and a computer cannot function at all without them. While it is hard to tell if there's one most important component, computer memory, also known as RAM, is surely a vital part of any computer system. It should provide both performance and reliability as RAM is the place where your programs reside while you are working with them and the faster RAM you have the better your applications will run; at the same time RAM must be reliable as it must not become a source of errors that may lead to data loss and program crashes.

Unfortunately nothing is perfect in this world and this statement also holds true for computer memory. While RAM is a really dependable computer component it can go bad due to a number of reasons – overclocking, inappropriate memory voltage, accumulated heat inside your computer case, lightning strikes and even manufacturing defects. The symptoms of bad memory are simple – random computer crashes, blue screens of death, overall system instability and more. If this is what you experience on a regular basis then you should clearly test your RAM memory. Fortunately this is not a difficult process after all and you can do it at home. Now we will tell you how.

This is what you need to do to test your RAM memory:

  1. Download MemTest 4.0 from our website.

  2. Extract the archive file that you will get in a folder of your choice and then run the application. It is completely portable so you will not have to go through an installation process.

  3. Close all the programs that you have running at the moment.

  4. Select how much RAM memory you want to test. You can also test all free RAM.

5. Then click on the Start Testing button and leave the tool to work for at least 20 minutes. The longer it runs the better but the more RAM you have the slower it will run. It's best to leave it running overnight because the longer it runs the more accurate results you will get.

6. In the unfortunate event of having memory errors MemTest will stop and will notify you of the issue. Then you will have to go out and purchase new RAM memory.

7. You can stop the test at any time but in order to get results with at least some reliability you should run the test for 20 minutes or until it reaches 100 percent coverage.


See? Testing your RAM memory at home is not hard at all and you do not have to go to specialized places and spend money to get results. In addition to all this MemTest 4.0 is totally free and you can use it with no need to spend money on it. The application runs on all versions of Windows so you are covered and supports multicore processors too, which will make working with it even more pleasurable. So go ahead and test your memory now!