How to block ads

Posted on 09 April 2014Category: Browsers

Difficulty: Easy
Software:Adblock Plus​

There is one add-on that can provide you with best protection against ads that try to overcome your web browser. Download Adblock Plus and the application will protect you from any ad that tries to invade your browser from various websites. The add-on blocks a large number of websites that generate these commercials. With constant updates the developer keeps the application with an extensive database that includes almost all web pages that provide links to ads and annoying pages.

1. Since Adblock Plus is an add-on this means that you have to install it on the web browser that you use. The whole process is simple and the only thing that you have to do after you download the files is to click on the button “Install”.

2. When you finish with the installation of the add-on, it will open a tab in the web browser where you can turn on and off malware blocking, remove social media buttons and disable tracking. There are more adjustment choices in the Options menu reachable from the button next to Home in Mozilla Firefox.

3. You can adjust additional functions of Adblock Plus from Add-ons Manager in Mozilla Firefox. In this way you can change the add-on and make it work the way you want it to.