How to change your voice when using Skype or other VoIP

Posted on 09 April 2014Category: Mp3 & Audio

Difficulty: Easy
Software:Skype Voice Changer

There aren't a lot of programs that can change your voice while you are using VoIP apps or Skype. Actually it is quite rare to find such a program, because this function is not offered by applications a lot. That's why, for now, we can give you only apps that are capable of that. The first one, SAM Broadcaster PRO, is a utility best suited for professionals, because it offers a lot of capable functions. The application lets you change the voice that is produced while you are using a microphone, but this is only one of the many options given by this program. The other app that is better suited for most users is Skype Voice Changer. The application is straightforward, because with it you can simply add effects and change your voice in conversations with Skype. The only thing that you have to do to enable the program on Skype is to click on the button with the icon of Skype in Skype Voice Changer and then give a permission to the application to work with VoIP applications.

1. The first thing that you have to do to start adding effects is to press the Add Effect button, which is situated in the list of buttons on the main screen of the application.

2. When you click on Add Effect, Skype Voice Changer will let you choose among the effects that the app gives you. The list contains 15 effects.​

3. When you add an effect, you can edit it in various ways, because with sliders you can choose the exact values of the additional settings of the effects.

4. You can use Skype Voice Changer to play any audio file and the application will start it with the effects that you've chosen.​