How to Apply Password Encryption to Folders

Posted on 30 January 2014Category: Security & Antivirus

Difficulty: Easy
Os: Windows
Software:  WinRar ,  7-Zip , Folder Locker Free 

NB: Please be aware that before actually performing any kind of security changes to your data, it is recommended that you create a backup of your files and folders in case of losing your passwords. 

For 7-Zip Users

Step 1:   Right Click > 7-Zip > Add to Archive on the folder/file that you want to secure:


Step 2: Choose Encrypted Password and method



Step 3: Please keep your password into a safe place, because there is a possibility to lose access to them in case you didn’t create a backup. Once you have created a secure archived copy of your data, it is necessary to delete the non-secured file/folder from your PC.


For WinRAR Users 

Step 1: Right Click > Add to Archive on the folder/file, which you would like to be protected



Step 2: Choose Archive Format, set a password and click on the OK button


Step 3: Like using 7-Zip, using WinRAR also requires to keep your password into a safe place and to remove the unprotected folder/file from your computer

If you want to use specialized software, we recommend that you pick a small, user-friendly and free application, called Folder Locker Free ( Read Review ).​


Step 1: After installing the application, it is necessary to set a password, which will be requested on each app launching. 


Step 2: In order to secure a new folder, you need to click on the Add Folder button. Once you have made you choice, the particular folder/file will disappear from its directory and will be visible in the Hidden Files list only.



Once again we would like to remind you that you always need to create backups of your data, which will be applied password encryption to and to keep your passwords in a safe place.