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Catzilla is VIRUS-FREE!

Our security scan shows that Catzilla is clean from viruses. The current version of Catzilla has been scanned by our system, which contains 46 different anti-virus algorithms. That ensures that Catzilla 1.11 is 100% safe for your computer.


  1. Free
  2. Fast and easy installation
  3. Nice graphics
  4. Test CPU and GPU

In order to Download Catzilla from our website, please click the button above. Have also in mind that Catzilla is downloadable from our website after being scanned with 46 anti-virus programs. Catzilla 1.11 is brought to you for download by . Read below on how to install Catzilla.


The installation of Catzilla 1.11 is straightforward and does not carry any surprises. All you need to do is run the setup file and follow the instructions. You will have to wait a little for the setup file to copy all the required files but after it is finished the app is ready to be run. You will not encounter strange requirements or the need to install third-party software.


The uninstall process of Catzilla 1.11 is lightning fast – in fact you will be surprised at its speed. It will take 1-2 seconds only and the app will be removed from your PC. No traces of it will be left behind.