How to make Firefox lighter??

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    I really like FF, I mean it really is the best browser out there (especially having in mind all the cool add-ons for it) but I have to say that Chrome and Opera are much lighter in terms of system resources consumption. It would be great if I can somehow make Firefox run faster with less CPU/RAM usage. Anyone?

    8hours ago Jimmy J

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    There are two easy ways in which you can lighten up Mozilla Firefox. The first one is my limiting the number of plug-ins, because in my experience they slow up your web browser considerably. The second way is simply by installing the program again. This is especially useful when there is a new version of Firefox, because this process cleans all the errors that accumulate with time. Usually, you can use Mozilla Firefox for more than 3 months before it start slowing if you don't add too many plug-ins.

    4years ago Ivo Rusev

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